Busaino Fruit Producer, Jinja, Uganda, Africa

About Us & Our Partners

The Busaino Fruit Company

Busaino Fruits uses a concept of farming called "Maama Kirabo". Maama Kirabo directly translates into "Gifted by Mother Nature". The model looks at the long term perspective to the use of the natural environment and its relationship to people, plants and animal resources. We draw the inspiration from Permaculture Principles which build on African indigenous farming systems such as integrated farming and harmonizing with nature.

On our farms, the Maama Kirabo concept is reflected in farming fruits as a forest. In the Fruit Forest we preserve indigenous trees (Mulongo. Mwizabagya, Kanzironziro etc) and grow agro friendly trees (Musizi, Nkuraidho, Gasiya, Lucina etc), and of course Matooke (bananas), sheep, goats, chickens and herbal plants. This kind of integrated system provides food, income, herbal medicine, firewood, charcoal while preserving the integrity and fertility of the soils.

We also work with the smallholder farmers in the surrounding areas knowing that it takes a village(s) to farm competitively in Uganda. This spirit of cooperation leads to benefits on both sides and we also consider it part of our social responsibility in keeping with Maama Kirabo.

    Our Partners - 125 Smallholder Farmers

Patrick and Judith may be the entrepreneurial spark behind the Busaino Fruit Company, but it is the support and partnership of the many small farm holders that have brought us economic and social success. We enable a total of 125 smallholder farmers to grow their crops (beans, maize, soyabean and passion fruits) on the fruit farm. On their own farms we mobilize them to grow jackfruit, Avocado & Mangoes as boundary crops. We train youth on pruning fruit trees, grafting, nursery management and other skills which both benefit Busaino Fruits and provide marketable skills they can use to earn income. Our plan is to work with smallholder farmers to bulk supply fruits, to meet the ever-growing market demands.


What We Believe

We believe in the beauty and wisdom of nature, practical and sustainable approaches to farming and the importance of growing meaningful people relationships along with healthy fruits and trees. There is much health, wisdom and vitality to be gleamed from nature and her ways, and much of this can be learned by reconnecting to the simpler, more traditional and more natural approaches to life as demonstrated by the wisdom of our African fore-fathers.

Local Farms

We have been blessed with two beautiful farm properties and above average abundance. In recognition of this and our desire to work with solutions for a better Africa we seek to co-develop our farms in conjunction with surrounding smale scale farm holders to the mutual benefit of all. Years of agricultural policy initiatives have taught us this is a system that can truely impact Africa and improve the lives of entire communities.

Who We Are

Sustainable farmers, entrepreneurs, human rights activists, lobbyists, policy makers, volunteers, educators and nature and people lovers.

Fruit Preference

Despite personal differences with regard to which fruit is better, JACKFRUIT or Bananas, we love the land and our businesses. Now if you haven't tried Jackfruit you really will be surprised at how great it is!
       - Judith ☺

Locate Fruit House

A country drive lands you at the Fruit House.


Some comments from our clients.

Michael Nickels

I brought a group of permaculture students to stay and study at the Fruit House. They loved it so much that I will bring a new group of students next year.

Kevin Wilson

I stayed for over a week at the Fruit House and a few months at the Chalet because it was closer to Jinja's night life. As part of the volunteer program it was a great way for me to explore the Jinja area affordably, learn about agriculture and feel great about helping out.

Locate the Chalet

A quick drive finds you at the chalet.


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