Busaino Fruit Producer, Jinja, Uganda, Africa

Accommodation Services



From 2014, when the cabins have been completed, full Accommodation facilities will be available. Currently we are offering home stay visitors Accommodation on a limited basis.

Chalet The Chalet has several bedrooms and serves as our home office. Some bedrooms can be made available with in the chalet itself and there are various front rooms available for meetings and dining facilities.

Cabins Several small cabins are currently under development at the chalet property. Each cabin has 2-3 private bedrooms rooms, each bedroom with it's own private bath. The rooms share a small common central area with seating and small kitchen.

Hotel Affiliations in Jinja: We have affiliations with several hotels in Jinja which increases dramatically our ability to handle out of town guests for multiple day events.


Stone Fruit House

From 2014, facilities will be available for conferences and educational gatherings that require a unique and creative setting. We have capacity to host up to three different occasions simultaneously, with up to 1000 participants. On-farm Conference facilities will be available, in spaces where fresh air circulates freely, in a relaxing setting, all interwoven into the farm environment.

Room at the Stone Fruit House Many unique rooms with fabulous views, exotic furnishings and varing sizes are available within the castle.

Cabins A few meters from the Stone Fruit House are located two separate cabins which we have already been using to accommodate guests.

Separate Conference Hall: 20 meters from the Fruit House find you at a separate conference hall and education center.

Meeting Rooms: There are many unique and exotic meeting rooms and alcoves located with the castle walls. All with wonderful views out to the gardens or valleys below.

Find Fruit House

A country drive lands you at the Fruit House.


Some comments from our clients.

Michael Nickels

I brought a group of permaculture students to stay and study at the Fruit House. They loved it so much that I will bring a new group of students next year.

Kevin Wilson

I stayed for over a week at the Fruit House and a few months at the Chalet because it was closer to Jinja's night life. As part of the volunteer program it was a great way for me to explore the Jinja area affordably, learn about agriculture and feel great about helping out.

Locate the Chalet

A quick drive finds you at the chalet.


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